Bink’s Cycling career start two years ago when we first met and now fast forward two high-end custom bicycles, two high performance carbon steeds later, with improved fitness, strength and experience, he is able to adopt a better position to ride longer and harder for an extended period of time.

We have his three bicycles in to check on the numbers and analysed the data of all his four bikes. We are is able to see his development throughout the years by simply going through his bike numbers and fit data – past and present.

Our data driven process has the precision and consistency required to get the most accurate and dependable data for our work. We are only able to compare across bicycles and positions when we have repeatable and consistent data. Only then we can apply our industry and cycling experience with an understanding of cycling specific biomechanics and kinematics to execute informed fit decisions on the rider.

We cannot be making changes based solely on ‘experience’. Likewise it does not make sense to stare blankly at data and be blindly driven by numbers. We use science to back up our decisions. And its essential to be able to explain how and why – for the benefit of the rider and clarity of process.