Photography & Text by CycleProjectShop

Bringing your dream bike from concept to fruition is one of the most enjoyable part of our work.

From concept, design and geometry to bike fit and built, we cover all aspects of your ride to your specific requirements.

Pursuing the dream. Your’s. Our’s. One and the same. Your perfect bike.

Roy's Fabulous No22 Reactor

[Peddy] Bastion x Bike Ahead

[Daniel] Bastion x Lighweight

[Everett] Bastion x Sram Red


We enjoy working with brands that shared the same passion for cycling as much as their craft and these are the brands that we represent in our markets.We are the bridge between the brands and their clients offering fit, consultation, customer and after sales service and lots of riding too. If you like what we do, do drop us a line and let’s see how we can support each other.