Comfort, stability and efficiency for all levels of cycling. It is all about being in control.

The right equipment that allows the rider to be in control is one of the key points of a comfortable, stable and efficient position – a position that allows a smooth transition between the push and pull of a pedal stroke. Bigger pedals provide a better platform for hip-knee-foot alignment.

Gains in stability and control translate into a smoother and more efficient pedal stroke. Rider with a wider pelvis can then be able to pedal with ease on a wider stance. And with good control and comfort, efficiency is optimized. An ergonomic saddle with a different shape and width allows the rider to sit in the saddle with better comfort and stability. Being able to produce power with minimal hindrance is paramount to an optimal cycling position.

Knowledge in application comes from extensive working experience in both professional and weekend cyclists. Data collection and dynamic fit protocol justify decisions in equipment and positional changes. Optimising comfort, improving efficiency and ultimately a better ride. Get fitted, ride better.