Although we do not like to encourage tri bars on road set-ups, sometimes we do accommodate special requests. There will be limitations, compromises and the possibility that it may not work. Equipment changes will be needed so an in-depth knowledge of the positional qualities of each product and a good understanding of product ergonomics are critical for such technical work.

The goal is to allow the athlete to ride in a sustainable aero position without compromising on comfort. And only specific products may make it possible. So what did we change? Seatpost, saddle, stem and the clip on bars. But not just any.

This aero clip on triathlon position optimisation starts with the Profile Design T4+ clip-on that allows the pads to be placed behind the handlebar (highly critical). A shorter stem is needed to bring in the shoulders. Seatpost and saddle are changed to enable the rider to be more forward on the bike with maximum comfort and stability in the saddle in an aero position. A massive overhaul but it works out nicely.