Choonwei Tay — Retul Master Fitter, Cycling 3DMA Specialist, S.I.C.I Certified

Choonwei has been fitting since 2007. He is an avid cyclist and participates actively in events and races across the region. His cycling career started while working as manager and fitter with The Bike Boutique. He has opened bikes stores, set up fit studios and trained fitters under the The Bike Boutique franchise across three continents. His passion is in cycling and is known for his efforts to ensure that all his clients are thoroughly happy with their rides and bike fits.

Choonwei is an S.I.C.I Certified Bike Fit Professional, Retül University Certified and a Schwinn Cycling Instructor. He is also trained in F.I.S.T principles. He has fitted amateurs, accomplished age-groupers and professional triathletes from teamTBB. His skills and experience have been recognised by Retül USA and Choonwei is part of Retül University's international partnership program as one of Retül University's educator.


It’s been ten years since getting the first certification as a professional bike fitter in Boulder, Colorado by the esteemed Serotta International Cycling Institute. Bike fit is a practice – you only get better with more exposure, experience and education. It is a never-ending journey of learning and application.

And the art is to be able to balance science with sensibilities and client’s expectations. Being able to communicate clearly and professionally is essential for a good fit experience.

We will constantly strive to be the best we can and make your cycling better, one fit at a time. Big thanks to all our supporters, cycling teams and communities, friends and family!  Here’s to many more great rides to come. Salut!


We’d like to introduce Choonwei Tay, who recently opened his third FITSKUUL bike-fitting studio in Southeast Asia. We have known each other since we participated in NAHBS 2015, and we are pleased with his professional approach and great bike builds, even across half the world. Choonwei focuses on fitting bikes to the ideal rider position with the help of biomechanical analysis and the Retül system. He harmonizes the aesthetic appearance of the frames with us and cooperates with people from the Cycle Project Store and Built Wheels on building complete bikes. Thanks to this connection, a unique and functional unit is always created, according to the rider’s exact needs.

You are often referred to as a master bike fitter, can you tell us what your approach to bike fitting is all about?

Balance is key. Balance is harnessing the latest technology as an extension of one’s extensive experience and knowledge. Also, a good fitter should be able to ask the right questions to assess a client’s riding style and experience to get a better understanding of how he/she rides in order to better help or improve the client’s cycling. Every fit decision needs to be justified by using data to prove and/or logic to rationalize recommendations. I like to keep my fits well reasoned, backed by reliable and relevant data. My work will speak for itself on the roads.

How did you get into bike fitting? Jan Falge, our friend and local bike fitter in Prague, told us that you know each other from the Retül Summit in Boulder. Can you tell us what takes place at Retül Summits and who your fitting mentors were?

Retül Summits! That was back from 2012 to 2015 I think. Before Specialized acquired Retül, we have a Retül University that brings together established Retül fitters the world over (known then as the Retül Army) for fit master classes and to exchange ideas and knowledge. It was a week of in-depth studies, practical sessions and lectures from the fields of cycling biomechanics to nutrition with breathtaking (pun intended) rides up in the mile-high city. It’s intense but very fun. We are coached by Todd Carver, one of the Retül founders and guest speakers from the cycling industry alongside specialists from the medical field. Phil Burt from British Cycling was with us in 2015 I think.

What is the cycling community like in Singapore? Does FITSKUUL help people to meet and ride together?

I operate and ride extensively in the Southeast Asia countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Depending on where I am, I can lead or provide recommendations to bike shops or cycling tour operators that will help my clients and friends in their cycling needs. There is a joke going around that I know more routes across Java than most Indonesian cyclists. I join local clubs and get myself involved in events and rides. There are no FITSKUUL rides per se — however, I bring and introduce cyclists from different countries, clubs, and cities to each other – enriching everyone’s cycling experiences, building bridges, and developing friendships — unity in diversity.







These are our fellow partners from the cycling industry. They are shops that we have personal and professional connections with. So you will be sure of having the best people on the ground to serve your cycling needs.