Fitskuul · Nov 3.2018

Wuling Double - West Ascent via Puli


We have conquered the mighty Wuling Peak three times in the past five years and 2018 has the best weather ever with clear blue skies and mild weather. This year, we gathered riders from Malaysia and Indonesia for this Wuling Double weekend clocking 6000m gain in elevation over two consecutive climbs. Crazy? Maybe. Impossible? Not so. Worth it? TOTALLY! This is the first of the two climbs, via Puli from the west.

The West route starts off at about 450m above sea level in the township of Puli before gaining another 2800m in elevation riding pass Ren Ai village and QingJing Farm. It covers a distance of 55km from town to the peak.

The weather this year is extremely kind without any rain or fog. We are able to ride with clear and awe-inspiring views of the majestic mountain range all around us. A very very lucky day in the history of Wuling riding.